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52 started out simply enough, to select one image a week for 2015. Then I thought what about other years, off down the rabbit hole I went. Well my system of organization was by day/month not by weeks. Ok, it will be 52 selected images for previous years, at least that what I thought till I got to 2013 & 2014 and started a complete reworking of my catalogues.

Going through a years worth of work with fresh eyes as intriguing. I found in many cases that I was going back to the original files and reevaluating color or black and white. The images are presented sequentially allowing me to see what I saw as the years progressed.  

Photography has always been a two part dance. First the acquiring an image, that moment when the camera raises to the ready, at times before I see what is there. Then the post production, will the image remain color or demand to be black and white. In the past I favored black and white, now more are remaining color. 

Photography allows me to see how see and present what I see.