Years started out as 52, the goal was to select one image for each week in 2015. Then there was the other years, off down the rabbit hole I went. Review is important as it allows me to see progress and approaches that I have taken and even rediscover what has been forgotten.

Going through a year worth of images with fresh eyes as intriguing. There were many cases that I reverted back to the original files. The images are usually presented sequentially allowing me to see what I saw as the years progressed.  

Photography has always been a two part dance. First the acquiring an image, that moment when the camera raises to the ready, at times before I see what is there. Then the post production, will the image remain color or demand to be black and white. In the past I favored black and white, now both color and black and white. Photography allows me to see how see and present what I see. 

Truth for me is very elusive, at least in the larger sense and can only be experienced in the moment.

A moment where all thought is suspended and the moment expands. This applies to the process of photography when I respond, raise the camera and click the shutter. Then in post processing to try and convey the feeling or impulse and is some ways it becomes just finger pointing. So the image presented then becomes a hint. We live in a world with an apparent shared reality, each of us will evaluate what we see based on what we have been taught and our cultural influences.

Photography has two aspects, one acquiring an image, the other in the making of a photograph. The first is grounded in a perceived reality, how one sees. The second a more intangible aspect, which is more personal, a feeling, an emotion a depth that lays beyond visual perception, a photograph is an illusion an abstraction.

Years is a personal look back, without narrative.

lynn, 28 February 2017